Membership year starts 1st April  

Subscriptions from 1st April 2017

Full: £320

Student/J18: £176

J16/unwaged: £144

Associate: £30


Discount of 5% if paid in full, within one month, (except Associate) which equates to £304 Full, £152 Student J18, £122 J16/Unwaged 


Arrangements for Paying for Subs by Standing Order

The system for paying subs monthly is to revert to the position of 3-4 years ago. I should remind everyone that payment by instalments is a concession and (unless there are special circumstances - to be discussed with one of us) should be paid by a regular standing order and not by occasional ad hoc payments when it suits.

To reiterate, the system requires 12 payments to be made every month from April. You now need to put in a new form to take effect from April 2016. As in recent years, there will be an incentive to pay a lump sum up front - if your sub is paid off in full by the end of April you will qualify for a 5% discount. The figures are shown on the attached list.

If you wish to continue paying monthly you should cancel your existing Standing Order and submit one of the new ones to your bank. Please choose a date in the month when you wish the payment to come out - most people pay on 1st of the month but feel free to choose a different date if that suits.

Finally, if, at any time, you decide you do not wish to continue your membership, could you please let us know so that we don't continue to badger you for money.

                                    Full Annual    Discounted Full         Monthly Instalment

Full Member                     £320                  £304                              £26.67

Jun U18*/Student            £176                  £168                             £14.67

Jun U16**/Unwaged       £144                   £137                             £12.00

For those living away, a 50% may apply to the above - if in doubt please email

* For competing purposes, you continue to be J18 in the school year in which you reach the age of 18 but, for subs purposes you will pay as a J18 for the subs year in which you reach 18.

** As above substituting 16 for 18