Junior Rowing at LVRC

Junior Update Saturday 23rd September

Well, there was a whole new group of Newbies today as practically all the Beginners 'graduated' and are now part of the Junior Racing Squad (formerly called Intermediates).  This means they will now be able to join the club, attend an additional training session on Wednesdays and, when they are ready, enter events (hopefully racing for their first race in our own winter competition 'Head of the Float' at the beginning of December).


So we had six first time Newbies today and after a good technical session in the gym with our Junior Captain, two at a time were able to go out in Heather. Conditions were not good with a strong wind but, in the shelter of the huge naval ship 'Fort Austin' they managed to get a row and were all smiles when they got back to the landing stage.


One Newbie spent most of the session in a virus boat and, once he got the hang of 'backing down' to get out of the corner, did very well even managing to get up a bit of speed down the side of the dock against the wind.


Our two returning Newbies were out in a coxed quad most of the morning and, by the time they returned to the landing stage, were rowing with confidence and looking good.  In a week or two, weather permitting, they can have a go at doubling with one of the more experienced juniors and move into the Beginners Group.

Thank you to the older juniors for their invaluable help. In particular our Junior Captain and our unofficial Beginners Captains, who all give up their time on a Saturday to help with the Newbies.

Junior Session Saturday 30th

The junior session Saturday 30th September will run as usual at the times listed below. 

Junior Update

Our Junior section is growing with 8 in the 'Newbie' and 'Beginner' groups. These are young rowers who have been attending the Saturday morning £4 session for a few weeks. 

Once they are confident enough to row in a double, they move from 'Newbies' into the 'Beginners' group.

Once you are confident and competent in a single, then you can graduate to the Intermediate group, become a member of our club and attend full training sessions on Saturday, Wednesday and Friday. You can also start competing in crews for regional and national competitions.

Our Intermediate group are training hard and looking forward to an autumn season of competing and, hopefully, bringing home some more medals.

Interested in coming along? 

If you want to try out rowing please contact us at juniorcoordinator@lvrc.co.uk.

All welcome.



Competitive                   08:00 - 10:30
Beginners (£4)               10
:30 - 12:30


Competitive 16:30 - 19:00


  • You must bring SPARE KIT to training sessions or you will not be allowed on the water (club rules).  In cold weather a hat must be worn. HOODIES MUST NEVER BEEN WORN WHEN YOU ARE OUT ON THE WATER
  • Coxes must be suitably dressed for weather conditions too!
  • Please remember to sign in and out of training sessions
  • If anybody wants to try rowing please get in touch using the contact email below. We are an ever growing and successful group of athletes and welcome new juniors at any time

Contact details

Junior Report to the Committee Monday 14th August
We have attended two regattas since the last meeting, with successes for the squad at both.

There were several wins at Warrington (crews to be confirmed - we can't remember exactly who, and the results do not appear to be on the Warrington website). In addition, the WJ16 4x- won on Saturday at Stourport. Our junior boys' double (comprising Jake and Henry) clocked their first win on the Sunday of Stourport, which saw them into the final where they were unfortunately beaten on this occasion.

We have also had success away from regattas, with Charlotte being accepted on to the GB Start programme. She has now been to six sessions at Agecroft, who have been very impressed with her technique! Agecroft did ask her to join their club, but Charlotte has chosen to remain with Vics and continue to travel to Agecroft for selected sessions.

Our Saturday mornings are currently benefitting hugely from the additional assistance of our more experienced junior members. Many of them now stay all morning (i.e. for their timetabled session, and for the beginner session that follows it) and help out around the club. This often includes them acting as extra pair of hands with the beginners, getting them boated and helping them to 'park' effectively and get out of the boat. Several of the girls have also recently spent this time putting new tape on all the sculling blades, allowing them to be easily paired up. Long may this invaluable help continue!

The juniors have now benefitted from several sessions with our new coach Lesley, and it has been great to see our new coach finally starting. Lesley will hopefully be running 3 days of camps later in August. One thing that has quickly become apparent is that, on the odd occasion when sessions have to be cancelled due to large numbers of club members being away racing, there will need to be some protocol that determines the reallocation of Lesley's hours to the squad effected. As a junior team we would quite like Lesley to be able to bank missed hours with the juniors (e.g. from the Saturday just gone) to use to extend her paid coaching time at another junior sessions. If reallocation of hours means that Lesley is at the club on a day different to advertised then this would, of course, then need advertising to the wider membership so that those rowing in the squad affected (junior or senior) could decide if they want to attend on this different day, in order to take advantage of the coaching on offer.

Junior Session Duty Rota

We have 15 members of our adult squad and 11 junior parents who give up their time to help with the junior training sessions, but we often still struggle to have enough cover. We are particularly asking parents of our junior members to give their time occasionally in order that we can continue running these sessions. Unfortunately, if we are unable to secure sufficient cover, we will have no alternative other than to start cancelling sessions.