Junior Rowing at LVRC

Junior Session Saturday 20th January 2018 


Numbers were pretty low this morning, as many have succumbed to winter lurgies and a morning row in freezing rain is not what the doctor ordered.

Conditions on the water though were perfect.  That's the upside of rain - completely flat water even when it is freezing.  The downside?  Well we hardly need to go into any details there!

The Racing Squad were out in singles, double, quads and a four, all working hard to get up to speed ready for the next competition.  Having trained indoors for most of December and January, it was good to get out in a boat for a change.

The Beginners were able to take advantage of the flat, still water and get out in singles and doubles coached by Lesley from the launch.

Our two Newbies went out in Olympic Silver, coxed and coached by the older girls, though it was a short outing as they both got very cold, very quickly.  Once back on land, they were both sent straight indoors and told to 'go hug a hot radiator'.  Thank you to the older girls who washed and put away their boat, so they could stay inside in the warmth.

A final note; going out in a single on flat, calm water and announcing that you've never capsized is just asking to take a dip in the West Float………………and sure enough……………he did!  Thank you for everyone who got him out of the water with speed and into a hot shower - a good team effort all round.

REMINDER - You must bring a spare set of clothing to every session or else, if you capsize you'll end up going home in either lost property, or someone else's kit!!

The junior session on Saturday 27th January will run as normal at the times listed below. 



Interested in coming along? 

If you want to try out rowing please contact us at juniorcoordinator@lvrc.co.uk.

All welcome.



Competitive                   08:00 - 10:30
Beginners (£4)               10
:30 - 12:30


Competitive 17:30 - 19:00


  • You must bring SPARE KIT to training sessions or you will not be allowed on the water (club rules).  In cold weather a hat must be worn. HOODIES MUST NEVER BEEN WORN WHEN YOU ARE OUT ON THE WATER
  • Coxes must be suitably dressed for weather conditions too!
  • Please remember to sign in and out of training sessions
  • If anybody wants to try rowing please get in touch using the contact email below. We are an ever growing and successful group of athletes and welcome new juniors at any time

Contact details


Junior Session Duty Rota

We have 15 members of our adult squad and 11 junior parents who give up their time to help with the junior training sessions, but we often still struggle to have enough cover. We are particularly asking parents of our junior members to give their time occasionally in order that we can continue running these sessions. Unfortunately, if we are unable to secure sufficient cover, we will have no alternative other than to start cancelling sessions.