Junior Rowing at LVRC

Junior Update Saturday 18th November

A huge number of the racing squad members turned up this morning, so Lesley was able to get the eights on the water for the first time this year.  It's not easy for adults to carry eights let alone juniors, but a combined effort resulted in both Rosemary and Mary-Jo on the water, with Lesley coaching from the Daihatsu launch.  So, with two eights, two doubles, a quad, a single and the RYA L2 powerboat training course on the water, it was a very, very busy West Float this morning.

We kept Mary-Jo on the water for the second session and five of the beginner girls got to row 'sweep oar' for the first time. It was all okay alongside Fort Austin, but the wind was strong down by the old tyre, which made turning quite a challenger. Lesley spent the first half of the session coaching the eight, but safety launch still had to hover close by when they tried to turn on their own. Having said that, they managed to row as a full crew back to the landing stage showing exciting potential.

Our two youngest newbies were out in Heather with two experienced beginners. For all sorts of reasons (which we won't go onto right now!) it took an hour to get the boat on the water, so they only got to row to the old tyre and back with a bit of coaching from Lesley. The three remaining beginners swapped in and out of double but, with a strong wind, were only able to take turns to row.

We also had a new starter who did very well in a virus boat this morning and who will certainly be out in a quad next week.

So, all told, it wasn't the most productive morning for the second session, but everyone got on the water and, hopefully, improved.

Special thanks to the 'I can't believe you haven't capsized yet' double and the 'unofficial Beginners Captain' for their help to run the session and to the members of the racing squad who always stay behind and make such a positive contribution.

Junior Session Saturday 25th November

The junior session Saturday 25th November will run as usual at the times listed below but there will be no junior session on Saturday 2nd December as we will be hosting the LVRC Head of the Float competition.  We are expecting crews from all over the north west and it will be a very, very busy and exciting day.  If any of you are able to help please let us know and it will be greatly appreciated

This is what we do when we can't get out on the water -  Uptown Funk 

Junior Update

Our Junior section is growing with 22 in the 'Newbie' and 'Beginner' groups. These are young rowers who have been attending the Saturday morning £4 session for a few weeks. 

Once they are confident enough to row in a double, they move from 'Newbies' into the 'Beginners' group.

Once you are confident and competent in a single, then you can graduate to the racing squad group, become a member of our club and attend full training sessions on Saturday and Wednesday. You can also start competing in crews for regional and national competitions.

Our Junior Racing Squad are training hard and looking forward to a winter season of competing and, hopefully, bringing home some more medals.

Interested in coming along? 

If you want to try out rowing please contact us at juniorcoordinator@lvrc.co.uk.

All welcome.



Competitive                   08:00 - 10:30
Beginners (£4)               10
:30 - 12:30


Competitive 17:30 - 19:00


  • You must bring SPARE KIT to training sessions or you will not be allowed on the water (club rules).  In cold weather a hat must be worn. HOODIES MUST NEVER BEEN WORN WHEN YOU ARE OUT ON THE WATER
  • Coxes must be suitably dressed for weather conditions too!
  • Please remember to sign in and out of training sessions
  • If anybody wants to try rowing please get in touch using the contact email below. We are an ever growing and successful group of athletes and welcome new juniors at any time

Contact details


Junior Session Duty Rota

We have 15 members of our adult squad and 11 junior parents who give up their time to help with the junior training sessions, but we often still struggle to have enough cover. We are particularly asking parents of our junior members to give their time occasionally in order that we can continue running these sessions. Unfortunately, if we are unable to secure sufficient cover, we will have no alternative other than to start cancelling sessions.