Junior Rowing at LVRC

Junior Session Saturday 19th August

The junior sessions will run at the times below.  At this stage, the forecast is for a sunny day with heavy showers and gusty winds but, this being August and the middle of our summer, we live in hope that this will all change as the week progresses! 

Junior Update Saturday 5th August

This was the first Saturday morning session with our new club coach Lesley and, apart from a bit of a breeze, conditions were far better than expected. Due to summer holidays, there were very few attendees which gave an excellent opportunity for some intensive coaching.

The intermediate group were coached for a full training session on the water, with a  focus on fine tuning their racing starts in preparation for Stourport Regatta next week, and the beginners all received at least 10 minutes one to one coaching. 

Our youngest beginner ventured out in a singe for the second time.  Being quite small in a large boat though, he was defeated by the wind and returned to the landing stage after just one circuit of the dock having been blow sideways for quite a distance while trying to turn.

Our oldest member of the group was taken out in a double by one of the intermediate group and had an excellent session.  With some one to one coaching he was able to improve his grip on the oars, lengthen his stroke and put in some real power. The double looked really, really good rowing back to the landing stage and we have hopes that he will be singling in the not too distant future.

One final note in this update is recognition of the contribution from our older juniors with the beginner sessions. Their two-hour training session finishes at 10.30 and they voluntarily stay on for the next two hours to help with our new rowers. The success of these sessions is enhanced to a terrific degree due to their wonderful help and contribution. Thank you and it doesn't go unnoticed!


Invitation to all juniors old and new, their family and friends
LVRC Barbeque Saturday 19th August (Weather Permitting)
For those of you not away on holiday, why don't you come down to the Club late afternoon, early evening for a row and then throw something on one of our barbeques before enjoying your meal sitting by the water and watching everyone else row?


Those of you who are family or friends, depending on numbers and conditions, we could always pop you in a boat too (then you'll know what all the fuss is about)!


You will need to bring and cook your own meat and vegetarian options (and be prepared to take your leftovers home)


We will provide plates, cutlery, salads, bread, condiments and pudding at £5 per person


There will be at least two barbeques available (one vegetarian) from 4pm to 7pm


Date: Saturday 19th August
Time: 4pm onwards
Bar open: 5pm
RSVP: secretary@lvrc.co.uk or the Junior Coordinators 


Junior Update

Our Junior section is growing with 18 in the 'Newbie' and 'Beginner' groups. These are young rowers who have been attending the Saturday morning £4 session for a few weeks. 

Once they are confident enough to row in a double, they move form 'Newbies' into the 'Beginners' group.

Once you are confident and competent in a single, then you can graduate to the Intermediate group, become a member of our club and attend full training sessions on Saturday, Wednesday and Friday. You can also start competing in crews for regional and national competitions.

Our Intermediate group are training hard and looking forward to a summer of competing and, hopefully, bringing home some medals.

Interested in coming along? 

If you want to try out rowing please contact us at juniorcoordinator@lvrc.co.uk.

All welcome.



Competitive                   08:00 - 10:30
Beginners (£4)               10
:30 - 12:30


Competitive 16:30 - 19:00


  • You must bring SPARE KIT to training sessions or you will not be allowed on the water (club rules).  In cold weather a hat must be worn. HOODIES MUST NEVER BEEN WORN WHEN YOU ARE OUT ON THE WATER
  • Coxes must be suitably dressed for weather conditions too!
  • Please remember to sign in and out of training sessions
  • If anybody wants to try rowing please get in touch using the contact email below. We are an ever growing and successful group of athletes and welcome new juniors at any time

Contact details

email: juniorcoordinator@lvrc.co.uk

Junior Report to the LVRC Committee Monday 10th July

It's been a relatively quiet month for the Junior Squad. There was some excellent racing at Ironbridge, with a few wins too. We have a number of juniors going to the British Rowing Junior Championships next weekend. 
going to the Junior Champs next weekend
We are all keeping our fingers crossed that the advert for the new coach will be successful. There is going to be a period of time after Sue leaves when the squad will be without formal coaching. Any and all support from the experienced rowers across the club will be particularly appreciated during this.
Lastly - Sue leaves us on the 19th July. We would like to register our thanks for her efforts over the last months. She stepped in at a difficult time, and has been a huge help. She will be missed by the juniors, their parents, and us!

Junior Session Duty Rota

We have 13 members of our adult squad and 11 junior parents who give up their time to help with the junior training sessions, but we often still struggle to have enough cover. We are particularly asking parents of our junior members to give their time occasionally in order that we can continue running these sessions. Unfortunately, if we are unable to secure sufficient cover, we will have no alternative other than to start cancelling sessions.