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Rowing Gap Year in New Zealand

We have been approached by one of our former junior members to publicise this wonderful opportunity to spend a gap year rowing in New Zealand.  Below are the details and the invitation, along with a copy of Dan's 'My accidental Gap Year and how I rowed in the New Zealand National Championships', are available on our Junior pages:


Northwich Spring Head Sunday 1st April 2018

This took place Easter Sunday and so there was not the usual high number of entries and Vics sent four crews with our MasG.x1 and MasD.4x- both coming in second in their events.

Full results are available here


Junior Training Camps Easter 2018

There will be full day junior training camps Monday 2nd (Easter Monday), Wednesday 4th and Friday 6th April. These will run from 9.30am to 4pm and attendees will need to bring a packed lunch and a drink.

The day will start with a training session in the gym followed by a rowing session on the water (weather permitting). After lunch, there will be an hour's rest, followed by further gym and water sessions.

On the days when the weather is unkind, there will be boat maintenance and repair sessions in the boathouse as, not only do we all need to know how to fix our boats, we need to get them all shipshape (boatshape??) and clean ready for the regatta season. (Did you know that once a boat has been cleaned, greased and recalibrated, it goes much faster?). We also need help to repair and paint all the junior blades so there are plenty of new skills to learn if the water sessions have to be abandoned.

We hope to see as many of our juniors as possible attend these sessions as we get into training for the short sprint regatta season and the charge will be £10 per full day.


One to One Coaching for Adult Crews

Adults crews can now book a one to one coaching session from Lesley on a Sunday morning using the boat booking book on the podium.  Just write your name against the time you want coaching and, to get the maximum benefit, make sure you are on the water, warmed up and ready to go!

Vics Launches - what you need to know....

Hi All – It has been suggested to me that I ought to inform people a bit more about our own launches.  It might be you already know all of this but just in case.


1)    Fuel:  I tend to fill the tanks of both launches every Thursday morning pretty well brim full.  That means about 15cms. of depth at the filler cap.  In the winter that is enough for the week.  In the summer I might top it up again on a Sunday.

If I go on holiday I usually ask Alex to keep an eye on fuel levels.  He has a key to the yellow fuel locker where two one-gallon plastic containers of petrol are kept.


2)    It is sensible to close the air vent on the tanks when the launches are in the boathouse.   That means you must open the vent as soon as you get in the boat to move off.


3)    There are 9 foil blankets in each launch.   In the Smartwave they are in a locker at the back on port side.  (Port is left when you sail away).   They are in a brown bag in a box.

In the Explorer they are in one of the red barrels in the stern.


4)   There is basic first aid kit in each boat.    There is a knife also.    Do not look for other tools in the boat.   There is a throw line in each – in the Smartwave it will be in the Locker under the driver`s seat.   In the Explorer it is kicking about on the floor.

It might be worth practicing with the throw line.    Put the loop attached to the bag in your left hand/wrist and throw the bag with the rope stuffed inside with your right hand – underarm works best.   Vice versa if you are left handed.


5)    Each launch has two paddles and a boathook.  Also, a length of rope which might help when recovering a capsized scull.     Take the oars out of the scull first.


6)   Launching:    It is very important that the boat enters the water gently.   (Will explain why if you want to know when you see me).     Therefore, run the rope through the ring bolt and attach it to the trolley – preferably the jockey wheel strut.    One person holds the end of the rope taut while the others position the boat so that its wheels end up being stopped by the concrete stops.  Keep the rope taut and walk forward with it as the boat moves down the slope.

The person holding the rope is responsible for seeing the boat goes down the ramp slowly and steadily.   That person must also look out to stop anyone walking by from tripping over the rope.


When the trailer is at the water`s edge, the person directing operations must remove the rope from the trailer and attach it instead to the painter on the bows of the launch.  He or she must tell the person on the rope to take up the slack on the rope and hold it steady with no slack.  Other people helping can also hold the boat still.

Then the person in charge of the winch must disconnect the trailer strap from the launch.

To do this wind the winch a fraction tighter, then you can disengage the paul (the tiny catch that makes the clicking noise when you wind the winch in).  Next turn the handle clockwise to slacken the webbing strap.  Now, take the webbing strap off the launch.


Now the launch can enter the water, but it must do so slowly.   It will probably need the helpers to help move the hull towards the water at first, but the person on the rope must pay out the rope slowly so that the boat goes down the trailer slowly and gently into the water.  Possibly hold the rope taut and walk forward slowly with it.


Be aware that the front of the trailer will jerk upwards when the launch passes the tipping point.  Let it go up, just make sure your hands, arms and head do not get whacked by it!


Thanks for reading all this.  I hope you have.   Please feel free to ask if you would like further explanation.


Cheers, Ted


Membership Subscriptions for 2018/19

As agreed at September’s AGM full subscriptions for all LVRC Members will rise by £20.00 from April 2018:

Membership Category 2017/18 2018/19 Monthly payment
   Full £320 £340 £28.33
   Student / Junior 18 £176 £196 £16.33
   Junior 16 / unwaged £144 £166 £13.83
The annual subscription for Associate (non-rowing) Membership will remain at £30.00 per year.

Many Members choose to pay monthly, however if payment is made in full for the year by the end of April 2018, you will be given a 5% discount:

Membership Category 5% discounted rate
   Full £323.00
   Student / Junior 18 £186.20
   Junior 16 / unwaged £157.70
Emails will be sent out shortly communicating these changes individually, but if you do choose to spread payments throughout the year, please ensure that you instruct your bank accordingly in good time for the new payment to be taken from April 2018.

You can pay directly into the Membership bank account, but feel free to hand a cheque in to any member of the Captaincy Team, and an email confirmation of receipt will be sent.
Thank you for your cooperation, please remember as Members is it your responsibility to pay your subs when asked, or you may risk your membership being cancelled.

Any queries at all, please email 


Warrington Head of the Mersey Sunday 11th March 2018

LVRC put in a sterling performance at the Warrington Head of the Mersey, braving the challenging weather conditions which were so severe, the whole event was very nearly cancelled

Congratulations to our W.J18.2x on their win finishing over a minute ahead of their opposition!
The senior Men's crew consisting of Sam Crowe, Sam Fairbanks, Alex Earley and Henry, despite being marred by illness, still managed to put in a decent time on the course. The crew looked technically accurate even rowing with last minute substitutions.
The Men's Master C, four consisting of Al Woolley, Matt Myers, Chris Rycroft, Mike Egan and coxed by Alex Sapple were also not far off, with a little under three minutes over both legs!
The Women's Master D Crew of Jane Good, Brigid Badger, Jo Harrison, Alexia Light and coxed by Heather Parry put in a sterling performance with an even narrower gap of less than two minutes between them and the winners. The crew looked tidy and well composed.
The junior crews who were able to race looked good but most were scratched from the competition by the organisers because of the severe weather conditions and safety concerns.


Going forward, we will have new webpages featuring a live Twitter feed so, if you are interested in contributing get in touch with John or Maureen

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