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Going forward, we will have new webpages featuring a live Twitter feed so, if you are interested in contributing get in touch with John or Maureen

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The LVRC 50 Club

The 50 Club is a fundraising scheme directly for the purchase of new equipment for the Club

It only costs £2.50 per month, for that you get to choose a number between 1 - 100. A monthly draw is made giving you the chance to win £45.00.

There will be larger quarterly prizes of £60 and £120 when we have enough members to make it worthwhile. As we currently have less than 100 members, the odds are pretty good.

If you are a lapsed member please rejoin quickly to keep your old number!

You can pay by direct debit monthly or pay £30.00 for the year.

The LVRC 50 Club is open to Members or indeed anyone who wants to have a go, we never turn anyone away. Over the years we have had an entry in the name of a 1973 VW convertible beetle, assorted cats and a West Highland Terrier, now sadly deceased.

The next draw will be made at the in March - remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Please email to join