Taking you from beginner to performance athlete...



The club caters for rowers of all ages, abilities and aspirations.  

At both junior and senior level we tailor the training programmes to meet everyone's needs.  Everything from Recreational rowing, beginners, learn to rower's to those beginning to develop the fitness, competence and desire to compete at a higher level of performance.  

Members are able to select the sessions they wish to attend, fitting in with personal commitments and advise from coaching staff.

The programme is structured around; 

  • Learn to Row session (taster sessions)
  • Beginners groups
  • Development groups 
  • Performance groups

The Beginner group is the first stage of getting to grips with the activity. It is the introductory stage, involving learning the gross movement and co-ordination on the ergo, seeing the boat stock and how the club works, moving onto getting into boats when the erg movement has been mastered (Dry Start), whether using the virus boats, or into a more experienced crew boat.

The Development group is for those who are competent to slot into crews, with enough skill maybe to cope in a single, to be non-disruptive if substituted into a competitive crew, but not training hard or regularly enough to be truly competitive. This would be the group for the competent recreational rower. 

The Performance group are those training regularly, performing regularly in ergo tests and at competitions, with a purpose to be competitive at regional or national events. It will include those just out of the Development stage where the aim is to become competitive at local events through proper training and strong self-motivation allied to great teamwork.